Tibetan for “Best of the Best,” Youngtse is Odegard’s signature quality, totally processed by hand from hand carded and hand spun Himalayan wool. First introduced in 1987, the Youngtse Collection of designs revolutionized the hand-knotted carpet world. Youngtse is the most luxurious collection of our hand-knotted carpets. Natural vegetal and Swiss dyes are used to produce a spectrum of over 3,000 complex colors in over 300 designs. The design style developed by Odegard Carpets over twenty five years ago specifically for Youngtse is arguably the most imitated in the world for area rugs and hand-knotted carpets today.
    Extraordinarily supple, the carpets may be made with a combination or blend of wool and silk. The quality of the yarn with Odegard’s innovation and thorough knowledge of the technical aspects coupled with the expertise of the weavers allow incorporation of a combination of techniques to create a variety of textures and pile heights. The carpets are appropriate for formal, casual and contemporary interiors. Nothing is better suited to stand the test of time than Odegard’s Youngtse. Look for the embroidered trademark on the back to ensure its authenticity.


    The Gyaba Collection offers a 100 knot quality incorporating hand carded and hand spun Himalayan wool and silk utilizing Swiss dyes. Gyaba silk wool tweed rugs offer a luminous and resilient option for client's looking for a luxurious lower pile silk wool tweed that can be used in any room or interior.


    Tibetan for “Sun Earth”, Nima Tashi’s beauty comes from the incorporation of Chinese silk with Himalayan wool. This highly regular nature of the Chinese silk creates an immense luminosity and clearly defined dark and light variations. Nima Tashi is an ideal quality for clients looking for all silk carpets. Nima Tashi rugs offer the luxury and quality of other 100 knot qualities with a slightly shorter lead time and lower price point.


    Abu carpets feel like chenille. The rugs' unique construction is based on Tibetan rugs of old. Made with the same high quality, hand-processed Himalayan wool as our Youngtse Collection, these carpets are textured, yet soft and have the look of an antique Oriental rug. The Collection’s stylized motifs and designs are reminiscent of well-worn Oushaks. Plain Abu’s add interesting texture and warmth to minimal as well as highly decorated residential spaces.


    The Amala Collection features carpets with rustic textures and colors inspired by Earth’s elements. Chunky hand-carded, hand- spun yarns of the highest quality Himalayan wool are knotted to produce a dense carpet that loudly says "organic." Amala yarns absorb dye less uniformly than our other wools, creating a dappled appearance. The rugs recall the natural light reflected on loam, moss and bark. Simply stated, Amala carpets bring the outdoors in.


    Tibetan for "Sun" Nima carpets are characterized by bold designs; fewer color planes and a blend of the finest wools in the world. Thick and plush, these carpets are excellent for both residential and corporate interiors. They are priced for affordability. Available in uncommon color combinations, the Nima Collection appeals to clientele with a sense of individuality. Because of the construction and finishing, the lead times for Nima custom orders are four months or less; suitable and priced for larger installations with shorter lead times.


    The Verte Collection features understated elegant designs in a new luxury material, hemp. Remarkable for its kindness to the environment, natural hemp is first harvested and prepared by hand then hand-knotted in the manner of all Odegard carpets to produce a unique tactile quality. Verte carpets are rougher in texture than their wool counterparts and have extraordinary depth of shading and brilliance due to the hemp’s natural color variation. The Verte Collection is by nature mildew-resistant. The pure hemp carpets are currently available in a limited range of colors and in several patterns that combine wool with hemp.