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Purchase Information

We accept all major credit cards, which typically process within 24 hours of order placement. Merchandise cannot be held without payment. Prices and available inventory are subject to change until an order is confirmed.
Customer shall be responsible for all applicable sales and use taxes. Customer warrants that its use of any resale number it provides to Stephanie Odegard Collection is valid.

All fees for failed deliveries due to the fault of the Customer are non-refundable.

Unless otherwise expressly provided, delivery charges do not include charges for inside delivery, unpacking, placement, or installation, all of which are subject to additional charges.


The following instructions do not apply to oil-based stains. If a spill occurs, douse the area completely with water. Press and blot in direction of the pile with a damp cloth. Continue to douse with water and allow to air dry once stain is removed. If you find a dry stain, scrape the excess of the stain, mix powered detergent (not liquid detergent) with lukewarm water and with a clean towel gently rub. Thoroughly rinse with water to remove all traces of soap. If stain remains, or if you have an oil-based stain, send the carpet out to be professionally cleaned.

The pile of Odegard Carpets is cut by hand. Occasionally strands of wool are missed when the pile is cut. Carefully snip off the threads that are lifted above the surface of the carpets.

Use a natural rubber pad under the carpet at all times to avoid carpet slippage. This also helps to protect the knots of the carpet on the back face.

Turn the carpet 180 degrees every 12 months to eliminate the occurrence of traffic patterns and uneven softening of colors from light exposure. Marks from furniture are easily removed by wetting the area with water and allowing them to dry naturally or with the use of a warm iron.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned every three to five years depending on traffic.